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Pigeon Hole Racks / Hardware Racks

 We are the Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Pigeon Hole Racks or Hardware Racks. It is ideal for storing hardware, nut bolts, stationery, electronics parts, small components, laboratory equipment, small child parts etc.

Product Standard Size In MM Standard Size In MM Thickness In MM Finish
Shelve/Panel/Plate 900x300 1200x300 22 Gauge (0.8MM)
20Guage (0.9MM)
18Guage (1.2MM/
16Gauge (1.6MM)
Powder Coated/ Spray Painted
Standard Colour- (Dark Gray)
900x375 1200x375
900x450 1200x450
900x600 1200x600
Slotted Angles Standard Length Standard Length 1.8mm / 2mm/2.5mm
40x40x1800 60x40x1800
40x40x2000 60x40x2000
40x40x2100 60x40x2100
40x40x2500 60x40x2500
40x40x2700 60x40x2700
40x40x3000 60x40x3000

Pigeon Hole Racks

Pigeon Hole Rack
Product Details :

We Manufacture & Supply all types of Pigeon Hole Racks in any colour, design, dimensions at very reasonable price. These racks are made by our professionals who puts their all experience to make quality racks for our customers. These racks are mostly used in companies’ stores, warehouse, shops, schools and colleges, etc. It is basically used for storing bulk documents, files, stationery, tapes, packaging material, computer disks, laboratory equipment, etc.

Features of Pigeon Hole Racks

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Pigeon Hole Rack